Hi there, well having disappeared for a while, I thought I'd offer a quick update on my style journey! A few things have happened lately that have side-lined my style, but such is life. Here are a few of the lighter updates:

  • I am now working part-time and have a uniform of sorts (black pants, solid colored top) and as I work in a preschool, practicality takes precedence. By the time I get home, do housework and school work (I'm 1/2 heartedly pursuing a diploma), and exercise, I am generally past the window where I care about putting a more 'me' outfit together! So I am on potential style-rut high alert at the moment. (hence glad I am finding some time to stop by!)
  • I am a bit obsessed with color analysis and recently had a proper in-person analysis done (I've done online ones for fun in the past; some free, some paid - but never was fully confident). I was determined as a muted summer, with the deeper colors of the palette looking best. This is in line with my instinctual color comfort zone, and because I saw the analysis, I feel a little more confident that these colors really do harmonize with me, meaning I can wear them without feeling overly conspicuous and thus more comfortably (for my personality).
  • Since I am playing with color, I have modified my five style adjectives to: casual, polished, classic, contrast OR color, Kate (Middleton). A bit of contrast keeps neutrals from being boring, or color adds interest on its own.
  • Given my new color fun, plus a bit of extra spending money, I have indulged in just a few purchases, which I am really enjoying this fall - in particular, a fine-knit plum sweater (in Finds), a dusty aqua scarf (similar color in Finds), and a purple purse (which I LOVE) from Roots which I have attached a photo of. I even wear all three colorful pieces together, which is a big style stretch for me!! Purple and aqua together on me; will wonders never cease??
Anyways - not overly exciting, but that's me. Looking forward to catching up with everyone else's style journeys! xx

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