Pants are so tough! Not just the leg length but the rise. I order petite for the length but then the rise is always too short, sigh. I wore some newish Athleta track pants to a dance class this week and literally felt like I was being cut in half, grrrr….

Same here @jessi - my ideals are a 12"+ rise but a 27-28" inseam. Hence my endless alterations pile of bottoms in need of shortened hems
I have to be extra careful with Uniqlo here because some of their items are 'Asian fit' but others are not (don't know if it's the same in TW or the west?)

Petite Cusp YLFers, unite! But toe the line

I like the pants and the lilac jumper a lot! The wide band on the striped one bugs me though :/

I’m very late to the thread, but I think you’ve made the right decision: PPP (Ok, I’ve actually forgotten the acronym…)