Yarn shops and shows can be a resource for lots of buttons
was at one recently, not sure if they were vintage or packaged to look vintage or mix of both

Thank you for these reviews. I don't know why I've stayed away from JCrew and need to try it since they fit you so well. A coat like that may work well in winter here.
It looks like you have already Suzified the pink jacket. It looks great with the striped sweater and jeans, with the collar popped.

That pink jacket just arrived at my house yesterday! GMTA!
I've had a bright pink blazer on my wish list for YEARS and have never found one that I really like until now.
I wear blazers (but not full suits) almost daily, so I love having colored and patterned options to liven up my basic black pants. I agree that the color is fabulous and the fabric wasn't as itchy as some of the reviews had indicated. I'm keeping mine as well and because I can't be bothered, am just dealing with the gold buttons. They actually don't bother me too much; they read traditional but I think that can be fun when mixed up with a clearly modern look.