A non black coat had been on my wish list for a few years now and I've tried many. Last year I did buy a coat that I absolutely love the style, fit and fabric of but it is black. I will happily wear it again this year but I've continued to want something other than black. I recently tried 2 in light blue. One was a style that overwhelmed me and the other just felt blah. I tried this pink one from WHBM (below) but the fabric didn't thrill me.

Then Angie included this floral patterned one from Classiques in her Nordstrom sale picks and I was intrigued enough to order it. It came today and I LOVE it!! The fabric is a silk and wool blend that is really nice, and a great weight for our winter. The pattern is lovely- an interesting floral that isn't overly flowery, if that makes sense. And the style is what I realized works for me- tailored without being too fitted, with narrow lapels that don't add width.

I have to have the sleeves hemmed an inch or so but I think I will keep the length- just below the knee- as is.

i am just thrilled with this coat! So thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Angie.... You are the best!!