This is definitely an experiment, one that I'm prepared to "fail" and move on from with no regrets.

I brought home this knit dress from Loft as research into figuring out what configuration of stripes I like, inspired by TexStyle's and LisaP's recent posting. I've lost a little weight lately so was willing to take a shot at a horizontal striped dress with long side slits up to the knee.

First the amusing first thoughts about how to wear this were a little my imaginary life I'd wear it on the patio of my Caribbean villa with an infinity pool, while I sipped very cold and dry white Bordeaux and watched the sunset. Think 1999 remake of "Thomas Crown Affair" with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo, the scene where they flew to his private villa. That scene was filmed in Martinique. In my fantasy life Thomas Crown aka Pierce B is wearing a white linen shirt with rolled sleeves and sipping on white wine or a martini.

Whew. Deep breath. I did go to Martinique once (more summer camp than villa) and do like white Bordeaux; otherwise I need to get back to reality... .

The horizontal strips are typically not flattering on short, pear shaped bodies like mine, and I can't readily think of anywhere I would wear this. Also need some higher heeled sandals in a light neutral. I do however really like the black background with white stripes, and the shape of the shoulders and sleeves. The knit fabric is really soft and lightweight and surprisingly not clingy at all. In pic #3 I pulled up the front hem to fake a knee length look, which I like a lot better and could imagine wearing. I'm also considering chopping it into a top and saving the bottom half for some later use. I could also return it and chalk it up to research.

I need some serious honesty from you, my YLF friends....:-)

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