Happy Birthday, the picture is beautiful and I'm so glad you are enjoying it

Happy sixty-fifth Birthday! I echo the rest of the comments: what a beautiful gift to yourself.

So fab! Happy, happy birthday, Deb!! Wishing you many happy returns of the day!!

Happy birthday, Deb! What a beautiful present for yourself. Amazing.

Amazing pictie (and framing) in a lovely spot of a lovely lady's house! Happy Birththday, Deb!:-)

Happy Birthday Deb! I've long admired your style and taste. The picture is phenomenal!

Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing your lovely gift.

Happy birthday! Lots to celebrate and great to see you enjoying the beautiful photo that Janet took. Art is a wonderful, lifelong gift; a perfect birthday treat.

Happy birthday! The framed photo looks great!

Happy Birthday - I love the framed photo and what an inspiring post. There is so much to celebrate on our birthdays. My mother took the approach that each decade had its pros and cons and I have found that to be true. As I get older I care less about what others think of me or what I should do and just get on and enjoy life.

Happy Birthday, Deb!

Happy Bithday! The age is jsut a number. If you are happy and with a healthy diet ... you will catch 100.