Today's outfit is very casual. I went to Yoga this morning. My absolute favourite class of the week. Then I went grocery shopping for our pet sitter who is looking after Sophie tomorrow. I am making his favourite salad for lunch (Greek Salad) and bought precooked chicken (I don't cook meat because I am a vegetarian and I just can't do it). Then I came home to prepare salad. I still had on my Yoga clothes. I changed into my J Crew denim shirt and Joe Fresh linen pants. This is ultra comfy and good for chopping.

And again, great flip flops. I want that brand in every single color.

olukai makes great shoes

I can't wait to see what you wear to the Bob Dylan concert. How exciting! Your 30x30 is really coming together well.

I love those flip flops. A woman in Florida introduced me to them. I have been meaning to get another pair. Next winter I will look for them. Yes Xtabay I tried on my 7 Palazzo jeans and they are now too long! I lost some weight (not that much but enough to make the pants too long). Good thing I tried them on before the concert.

June 22 DH and I went to visit some friends at their cottage nearby. We were having lunch and then going for a walk. The weather looked uncertain (so what else is new) and the bugs have been really bad this year. I packed my bug shirt, fleece jacket and walking shoes.
I wore my denim jacket, three dots cream T shirt, Sanctuary peace trooper pants and flip flops. The Sanctuary pants were an Angie top pick. Super comfy.

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You look perfect. In fact, this is one of my favorite outfits. All the proportions just suit my eye. If Angie's thing is length, my thing is proportion.

What is a bug shirt?

Thank you Sterling! I have a thing about proportion too. I am a fan of the Golden Mean.
Oh to live somewhere where bug shirts are not a requirement. My bug shirt is all net and not the fancy type with cotton inserts. You can get different colours. I also have the pants.

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OH! I see. I did not even know things like that existed. Of course, you would not count that in your 30 x 30.

Have you ever told me the region you live? Do I recall west coast?

When you see my WIWs, will you please assess them for the Golden Mean. I strive to get the proportions right. I can instantly see them on OTHER people. I have trouble seeing them on me.

I live in an area called Muskoka. It is about 2 hours north of Toronto, Ontario. Muskoka is a tourist area where a lot of people have cottages or summer homes because there are lots of lakes and granite out croppings. Granite out croppings are apparently highly desirable now. We joke about this. There are also lots and lots of black flies and mosquitos this time of year.

I will try to do the Golden Mean test. I am certainly not an expert. I find it hard to see things like that on myself.

June 23. I did not sleep well because Sophie had a bad night. I reached for something very comfortable. This seems to be a repeated outfit. I have ordered the denim crop top that Lisap suggested. Today I wore my denim shirt, linen pants (I added the navy ones to the 30 x 30) and flip flops. If I was creative I could have put a T shirt on under the denim shirt but I was not in the mood.

Oh. I am glad you ordered the denim top. It seemed to scream your name.

Your outfit does look very comfortable. We need comfort when we are overtired. I hope you get some rest tonight.

I received a new linen knit top in black today. I am going to fill one of my vacant slots with the linen top. It should fit in really well.

Yes comfort is the first priority when I am overtired. Fortunately I slept very well last night.
Sterling your new top sounds great. I love linen for hot weather. I am eager for my top to arrive.

I'm glad you slept better. When will your shirt arrive? I think tracking packages across the country is half the fun for me.

I don't know when my shirt will arrive. The Garmentory doesn't have tracking for some reason. Not sure why. The Garmentory is a collection of independent boutiques across North America. The shirt is coming from Calgary so it doesn't have to cross the border. Thankfully. That always slows things down.