Hi all, just sharing my wishlist for 2023 as it currently stands - for accountability and also, please share what's on your list!

This year, I am working on being intentional with purchases *my way* ... which means a lot less over-planning and a lot more paying attention to the data of my everyday life (e.g. reaching for the same item over and over, only to realize I don't have it).

I am also feeling very content with my wardrobe at the moment, so many of these items may fall off the list, some I may be able to satisfy well enough with what I've got, and items might be added. This is meant to be a visual anchor rather than a hard-and-fast list.

The Items:

- striped tee in a loose fit - I may have a sufficient item in my wardrobe currently, but I will test it out this spring.
- *new Birkenstocks - considering a metallic but undecided
- *zip up rash guard - practical item for summer
- a light blue sweater and a cropped cardigan - might be able to kill two birds with one stone here. The cardigan's purpose is to update my "blouse + jeans" formula for casually-dressed-up
- Lululemon swiftly top in a happy colour - for day to day wear
- *yoga pants with an updated leg shape - not too baggy for practicality's sake. I currently wear my one pair of non-gym black leggings to death
- navy midi sundress
- white shorts in an updated style - baggier and longer

- an updated black belt

(*a practical necessity)

Feel free to comment and/or add your own wishlists! xx