My style goals for 2023 were:

1/ Continue to add a 70s element to my look with my hair, jewellery and clothes.
2/ Add at least one denim shirt to my wardrobe.
3/ Add more footwear and find footwear that works with jeans.
4/ Keep the same colour palette.

My word and colour for the year were Kindness and Orange.

My three words are Natural Earthy Minimalist.

I added twenty pieces to my wardrobe and stayed within my budget. I bought two denim shirts, and a pair of navy quilted sneakers to wear with jeans. (goal #2 and #3). And it's no surprise my colour palette is still earthy with some orange.

There has been some discussion about duplication on the forum. I am definitely on Team Duplicate. I have three pairs of C of H Annina/Paloma jeans in different washes, many pairs of Finn Comfort Sneakers and two pairs of Lululemon shorts.