I purposely didn’t not set up too many goals for 2023. I knew some of them were the small changes and updates I had to make, more maintenance than a refresh. And I’m happy with the progress in that so far.

One of them was finding better underwear. This year I switched almost completely to Knix in bras and Uniqlo in underpants. I like Everlane, too but find them too expensive for me.
As almost every summer “more linen” is on my list. I added 3 dresses, one pant, two shirts and one top. Not bad, especially for dresses. I look for 100%, good quality, smooth linen. If I find more, I’d be delighted.
Finding accessories is going well, too. I experimented with Etsy with a mixed result and decided that I need to see pieces in real life and need a great return policy. I discovered Mejury and happily bought earrings and a ring with a wish list for more. Also, love my new purses and of course, have a few more on my mind
one of the big goals was adding new pieces with personalities, kind of the statements, at least for me. I’ve bought a few of those but it comes with a price of taking it too far from my comfort zone and making mistakes. 2 or 3 of the new items are close to it, I need time to see if I can work with them. Fortunately, none were costly but still. It kind of undermines my efforts to reduce overbuying. I’d say I still struggle with it and leave this sensitive issue at this point.
Here are my linen pieces.
How you doing with achieving your goals?

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