Great anĂ¡lisis and pretty good results considering still very challenging year of 2022. I would say that you are always look very stylish and put together even when you showing things that didn't quite worked for you. Hope the new year will be successful in every way - clothes/purchases included .

Suz, you know I keep a reasonably small and conscientious wardrobe, but I still agree with this:

And honestly -- some movement in a closet is part of what an interest in fashion and style entails

Enjoying fashion and honing your personal style, even with missteps and mistakes and even emotional purchasing, isn't the same as hauling home bags of fast fashion each week or consuming for the sake of consumption.

I've been filling out my 2023 planner this week--a Moleskine with space at the start for life goals in different areas--and one of the sections was "Passions." I know Moleskine puts out a line of "Passion" journals focused on things like cooking, travel, wine, books, film, wellness etc. Thinking about it in those terms made me realize that style is a passion and is just as valid as those other pursuits (some of which I also claim).

Jenn, what a nice way to put it. It's definitely a joyful hobby -- I guess those of us who love fabrics and textures and pattern and colour are bringing all those things to the world, right? I think about the pleasure I derive from seeing a well dressed or interestingly dressed person on the street. Person can be any age, any gender, any race -- I just love it! So maybe I can bring someone else a bit of joy as well as myself -- and that is no small thing.

Thanks, slim cat and Sal -- I appreciate your generous thoughts!