We're 6 weeks into 2022, and I thought I'd do an update on how I'm doing meeting one of my big wardrobe goals for 2022 , to buy one outfit/ensemble at a time, maybe one per month. I also looked at how I'm doing at adding a bit more lightness, softness, trendiness ....

I combined some Dec/Jan purchases for a casual winter ensemble in burgundy and black, with two sweaters, boots, and jeans. These pieces have all worked really well - I've worn all of them multiple times already.

I LOVE this buy-in-ensembles approach! It seems to help me focus on fewer options while shopping rather than looking at "everything". I plan to keep using it although I’m not going to try to make it all-or-nothing.

  • Dec '21: Burgundy booties. A trendy and rugged look, which works well in snow and ice. I like this look well enough for winter but find it a little heavy/chunky so probably won't want it in spring.
  • Dec '21: Vneck plaid sweater; classic style but the blush background is a departure from my usual dark/warm neutrals.
  • Jan: Burgundy mock neck pullover. Nothing special but some color i.e. not neutral.
  • Jan: Black boyfriend jeans. Black jeans are a wardrobe essential for me and I only had skinnies. I wear them rolled down.

I strayed from the ensemble idea to add some winter gear essentials: battery heated gloves (trending in my neighborhood – not joking), replacement winter hiking boots, duplicate black fleece lined joggers. The blue cashmere blend knit hat is for everyday; it's not warm enough for fitness walks in Jan/Feb temps.

So far in February, a casual spring ensemble of jeans, jacket, and 2 sweaters, in denim, olive, light blue, and cream. I won't be wearing most of these for a while. I found them all on a single visit to TJmaxx, which is a good example of why I shop there, although this type of success is rare.

  • Jeans that are a tiny bit distressed, in a style somewhere between skinnies and straight leg. Have changed my tune on “will never wear distressed denim”. They also work well with my snow boots, have worn them that way already on a couple of very snowy days.
  • 2 Vneck cardigans with hi/low hem and split-hem sides in light blue and ivory. The light blue is a lot bluer than the find photo. I allowed myself a dup in a second color because they are both colors I wanted to add and the style is great.
  • Olive quilted jacket. Classic but slightly trendy shape/hemline
  • Also…Light tan sneakers. Not specifically bought to be part of this ensemble but trying to buy footwear well ahead of season before inventory runs out, and these would work with this ensemble.

Overall, 3 of the 4 sweaters are Tahari, which is doing a great job lately of making regular-sized sweaters that are exactly the length I want. (No easy feat).

I’m now thinking about a slightly more polished/dressy ensemble for spring. It's much more fun that dealing with what is going on IRL ... frequent snowfall, ice, and temps that keep fluctuating wildly from 0F to 45F ... which makes for very icy surfaces (or black ice hiding under snow) when the thaw is followed by a deep freeze.