2021 was an interesting year for my style as I shifted from tomboy to classic, embraced SIMPAT, and put some of the lessons I learned from a year of ‘counting wears’ (2020) into practice.

Style goals: I did aim for romantic, nostalgic looks with soft or rounded edges that were tidy and gently tailored or unconstructed silhouettes without volume, and felt that I was successful at this - though I was more ‘classic’ and 1950ish, than ‘retro’ and 1930ish. Also, I stayed true to a colour palette of 6 core colours. I’m having no trouble practicing one-in/one-out and maintaining consistent wardrobe numbers. I bought more this year - 30+ items, but I also edited out more items. In 2020 I left 28% of my budget on the table but this year I spent all but $50! My closet numbers are around 80, and everything (except fitness/sports kit, socks, and underwear) is in Finds.

SIMPAT: Angie’s blog post on the Sustainable, Individual, Manageable, Practical, Authentic, and Therapeutic attributes of style struck a cord back in 2020. I’m good at Manageable, and Practical, and okay at Sustainable, so I focused on Individual and Authentic - and Therapeutic ended up being a by product.

Over the year the old-guard of the family started slipping away. DH is now the eldest on his branch of the family tree after the deaths of three paternal uncles (in their 80’s) and my father died in October aged 86, after a long illness. (Not to mention Covid pandemic and all the normalized hardship, it was a tough year.). Sadness and mourning, seeped into my wardrobe and I lost my enthusiasm for bold colours. But, I am an optimistic person, and gravitated to white and cream items for the lightness they provide. I’ll probably be carrying a subdued palette into the new year. It is feeling authentic to me at the moment, and an emotional choice. I find the quieter palette, the traditional classic elements, and the tidy, closer fitting (swaddling?) silhouettes calming and thus therapeutic.

Successes (and fails): For years I ignored my high/hot summer capsule, and then got too busy during the season to do anything about it. This year I shopped and built a small but mighty summer capsule while there was still snow on the ground - and when summer came, I was ready!

After an epiphany about the wear and tear laundering takes on garments (learned during the 2020 ‘wear counting’ experiment) I became converted to line drying just about everything. The difference in the condition of garments from before 2021 and those acquired this year is dramatic - not just because they are new/less worn, but because I’ve altered how they are laundered. By contrast, items that were 2 yo/40+ wears, looked shapeless, faded, and worn out.

I made mistakes with a couple pairs of pants, and at least one top that fit at first, but grew/stretched over the course of the day and became uncomfortable. I also bought a pair of shoes that I found physically too heavy for comfort, and ended up donating as well.

Grooming: I have treated myself to quite a few luxuries this year! I now book cuts at regular 2 month intervals (having previously gone 3-4 months between cuts) and use some fancy salon products that have made a world of difference when I decide to style my hair straight. I’ve been enjoying regular colourful manicures, which are still a novelty! I’m on a skin care regime that I’m quite excited about (resolved redness, dermatitis, and maskne) and my skin is looking pretty good for 60+!

Style direction for 2022 will be for another post, since I’m still working out some ideas. I think I’ve got my word and colour for the new year, but that is for January.

#1 - 2021 palette
#2-13 outfits representative of what I wore in 2021

Insights and suggestions welcomed! Thanks for reading/looking❤️

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