What to say about 2021? For me, this year was even worse than 2020. I am glad to see the back of it, though the immediate future for the world is not super rosy. I focused on stylish comfort this year, unsurprisingly.

I don't "do" numbers, but I can say that this year I focused on:
  • building out my WFH wardrobe in my new home. This means comfy, but not lounge, bottoms, and lots of knits, since for the first time we are not overheated in winter.
  • added a lot of flannel
  • added a loungewear, since I needed warmer items.

I still want my silhouette to be more relaxed and less traditionally feminine. I am also less interested in traditional figure flattery. I think I'm influenced in my preferences now by living in Brooklyn, and my new French bob.

I also feel strongly attracted to the 90's themes of my youth, which are recurring in fashion - flannel, combat boots, and Converse.

Successes include
  • Madewell and Wit & Wisdom Jeans
  • Madewell and BR knits
  • Boden dress and jumpsuit
  • Boden jacket
  • Madewell shacket
  • BR, LOFT and Madewell pants
  • White Docs
  • Converse sneakers
  • Sam Edelman and Pikolinos boots (non-black!)
  • EVA Birks
I built a pink mini-capsule for my pink and navy Boden Jacket, too! Sneakers, scarf, hat, headband and gloves. This is the first time I've been so deliberate about that. I kind of wanted pink boots, but I feld off as my space for boots is full until I pass on some more. Things stop working on my feet often, so we'll see when that happens.

Mistakes (and potential mistakes) include:
  • Sofft mules--my foot slides forward, and they rub the top of my foot something awful. This was not apparent when trying them on at home. I haven't removed them from the wardrobe, but have only worn them once. I don't have much hope, though, unless I keep them for special occasions only, when I don't have to walk on NYC pavement. That is a very rare occasion indeed, though.
  • Madewell white jeans - I have this silhouette in other colors, but this version is just too tight on the belly for my current preferences. I've already put them in the holding zone, but they'd only really come out if I lose weight in the next year.
  • LOFT green pants - they look fine, but again feel too tight on the belly when I wear them day-to-day, after I eat. I will try to keep for now. If I lose 5 pounds, they may work. If I don't, they will go into holding.
  • Keds x Rifle Paper pink sneakers - I will keep these for now and give them another try, but I really rarely wear patterned footwear (beyond something like a two-colored snakeskin). It may also be that I got these at the start of Fall, and the season for these was very short this year. They may see more use in late Spring. These were an in-person impulse buy.
Pants and footwear are tricky, and I have to be very careful about buying them in the future. It's just so darn hard to gauge the comfort of shoes, though. I think anything with a heel above maybe 1.5 inch makes my foot slide forward too much, so it's probably time to avoid those.

I do need more pants, since I've passed on a few due to fit, so that's my focus for now. I need footwear much less, fortunately.

Beyond those two conclusions, all I can add is that I did buy and return A LOT online this year. It's a nuisance, but for the most part, PPP worked out. I wish stores had more stuff to see, though.

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