Hi everyone,

In line with the theme of sustainability, and also as a result of my personal frustration with myself for buying trends only to wear them once (I don't buy a lot, to be fair ... but it still annoys me when a piece is worn twice and then languishes in the closet), I am thinking about styling tweaks which make classic pieces feel more current. A few things I've been doing to 'update' my pieces:

  • leaning more on my higher waisted and looser jeans
  • doing a full tuck more often (still doing a semi-tuck a lot due to my short and straight waist)
  • layering delicate jewellery (I know this has been around for a while, but it still feels current to me - correct me if I'm wrong?)
  • hacking jeans to an above-the-ankle "flood" length
  • straightening or bending my lob haircut (straight is feeling fresh to me again, after a few years of nothing-but-curls, which, to be clear, are still gorgeous!)
  • wearing a berry-wine lip (a la 90's Revlon "Wine with Everything", who remembers???)
What styling tweaks are you making to freshen up what you already own?