I didn't know about american magazines (I was influenced rather by the germans/english here:-)) but still wore a lot of black and grey in the past 15 years-and still love.
Black is always flattering (+still feels edgy for us blondes) and grey(&clever placed whites) softens it for my fair complexion- so it all feels OK-especially that I am dressing mostly for an office and showing off bit of authority. (Casual was harder-but eventually got it work, too).
In fact I started wearing bl&grey(&bright whites) because I was sick and tired of wearing natural browns/beiges/creams/indigo(jeans) before. That was my previous color era- still as good for work or play. Remember being brainwashed by the same influencers that black and brigfht white is too harsh and not for me. I now know much much better!:-)
My actual self autodidact opinion is that all colors can look good on me if adorned/matched properly.(I've stolen this idea from interior designer Maria Killam- but for me it makes complete sense for fashion and my own wardrobe, too.)
So I am not anymore thinking if a color flatters me or not- but obviously HAS TO MAKE ME HAPPY:-) -and then will only have to work on it's dose and color scheme to match with.
As for the actual color trends, I am now happy to mix some of the browns, mustards and olives available to my actual wardrobe but never head to toe-and will keep the black&white anyway, see what happens next.

Hmm, could have sworn I replied to this, but I don't see my reply!

I am actually not surprised :). I've often thought that you'd rock "autumn" colours, but you seemed so set on grey/black that I thought maybe you weren't interested. I guess it helps a ton when it's what's in the stores!

RE the hair... I loved you in red too, but I think the blonde will be totally fine with this shift in palette if you decide to stick to a lower maintenance colour.

Years ago, someone on YLF discussed her colors/neutrals dilemma in this way. She would find herself seduced by color when getting dressed in the morning, then would run into someone looking elegant in neutrals and would "feel like a tacky box of crayons."

I can relate to this. I dislike the phrase "afraid of color" but I find neutrals far more versatile - perhaps because I'm not clever at putting together outfits.

I totally agree with this. When I was younger, I was a full autumn and wore earthy tones. As I got older and my hair greyed, I discovered I could wear cool tones I never had before (pastels! greys! blish!) and went whole hog and actually forgot I could wear warm colours too. Now i am adjusting the dial a little bit. Colour journeys are such fun!