I having been keeping track of my clothing purchases for the last four years and have made a few discoveries.

I spend about the same amount every year. I am comfortable with the amount I spend on clothing.

I buy about 30 items of clothing a year. This includes Yoga gear and underwear. I am retired and only work a very tiny amount.

I am working towards buying clothing that fits into capsules. Everything has to earn its place.

2019 Purchases
Boden Bonker Cashmere Cardigan - Medium Happiness - Very Functional but I like my other cardigans more.

No Purchases

2 RE/DONE T-Shirts in Vintage White (Beige really) - Lots of Happiness - I live in T-Shirts and these are soft and fit me perfectly. I got 2 different styles.
Chantelle Bra - Lots of Happiness - I may duplicate

I have ordered a pair of sneakers. Very expensive and not pretty but I am hoping they work for my feet.
I am ordering 2 pairs of Frame jeans. Fingers crossed that one pair works for me.
Also ordering 2 Caslon T-shirts. I already have 2 and wear them constantly.
Thinking of ordering Alex Mill Twill Olive Pants.
I tried on 2 Veronica Beard Blazers. Nordstroms in Jacksonsville didn't have my size in the Green one but that is the one I liked the most. The blue one is gorgeous as well. They didn't have the orange one but I think it is too statementy for my wardrobe.


Final Purchases for March

Finn Comfort Sneakers - The blue sneakers arrived and they are a winner. Very comfy and cute. Much happiness. I would order another pair but I want to be sure they work out. Blue was the only colour in my size.

Lucky Brand Authentic Straight Crop Jeans - Winner - I wandered into the Lucky Brand store and did not expect to find jeans. These worked perfectly for me. Higher rise and straight legged. They hit me just above the ankle. My jeans have a darker wash with some distressing. Lots of washes on the website. True to size-whatever that means.