Hi All,

My 2019 goals are listed below. I will put in bold my thoughts to date:)

1) Continue to wear outfits that fit within my flamboyant natural style persona – key words are elegant and relaxed (taken out the sporty- still there but not as important) yes I think I am there mostly. Some people would not see me as flamboyant but I do add a few touches...

2) Being clear and fussy on new additions – pouncing when I know something is perfect, but sometimes waiting is the best approach. I am happy with my new additions - but the proof will be at the end of the year.

3) Upgrading essentials - puffer, practical city walking boots, work pants, winter knitwear, blazer. I have a lightweight puffer, low heeled black boots, a cable sweater. I added an A line skirt instead of the pants. No blazer and I think I will hold off at the moment. I have a few jackets and I want to wear the ones I do have.

4) Make sure I have a good base for three week trip to Italy - especially shoes. Capsule went brilliantly.... feet were happy!

5) Don't duplicate - the power of one. There are very few exceptions to this for me. I have duplicates of black and white striped tops (2) and black tops (about 8 across all categories from sweaters to blouses to tanks etc) Still holding firm on this.

6) Quality!! Check this out. One late 2018 addition has developed holes through washing which is disappointing-again proof will be at the end of the year.

7) Step away from/do not buy

  •   Heels (I have enough for my needs)
  •   Summer casual dresses ( love them but I have enough)
  •   Party dresses - again I have plenty
  •   Summer scarves - they never feel right on me
  •   Tunics ( I have two which I will keep wearing - that is enough)
I did add a thrifted summer dress (casual summer party) but am yet to wear it. I added one scarf but wear it in winter. I have stepped away from heels, summer scarves and have donated my two tunics and not added more.

8) Consider more

  •   Light neutrals - caramel, cream, soft light grey
  •   Red
I have added some light neutrals but no red (three patterns containing red in three thrifted items). A transitional season red dress would be a great piece for me... as would red shoes (food for thought!)

9) I seem to be moving to midi, wide leg bottoms and skirts and simple tops. Keep exploring that carefully. Yes new wide leg crops, new skirts.... Tops are mostly essentials.

10)  Keep having fun!! Be bold. I like one statement per outfit - this works for me. I am having fun with clothing. Winter is my hardest season - ours is relatively mild but often damp and wet.

I am still aiming for under 30 additions for the year. I have added 20 to date (all in finds below - two tees I got for my birthday are not included as finds as yet nor as counting as my 20 additions - I am including all clothing, shoes, gear, bags and accessories that I buy though).

On the radar are a work tote, a hoodie, a transitional season dress (midi) and replacements for a few essentials that are starting to wear out (pewter slides, black lululemon loose pants, black blouse) - they may not be exactly replaced but their function needs to be filled. And maybe some red shoes....

I have exited 16 pieces, mostly through wear.

I have a few thoughts on churn which has been discussed this morning. I don't have a perfect
answer - I make mistakes every year.... I try to keep the
following in mind.

1) Just because I like it (or it suits me) I do not have to
own it.
2) Repeating outfits is fabulous if I love them.
3) Some sort of plan/thought is helpful to make sure I add
pieces that I truly love and will wear enough.
4) It is okay to wear pieces showing some ageing.
5) Keeping longevity in mind when adding - quality of the
sewing and fabric and a realistic style for me. Shoes that could be
reheeled or polished for example.
6) Acknowledging mistakes early. If I bought something
that I am not going to wear I am better to pass it on while it is still
7) Acknowledging that there is an excess of second hand
clothing and we all have a part to play in being the best consumers we can and
not letting ourselves off the hook.

Thanks for reading.