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I debated on whether to develop a separate style goal list, given that there is overlap with my style building philosophy during my weight loss transition (see post: https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....ransitions). But between that post and my 30x30 posts, some distinct overarching goals emerged that I wanted to put in one place.

Overarching need: My entire wardrobe will need to be rebuilt this year due to weight changes, so for the most part I am starting from scratch this year. I am the strongest and fittest I've ever been in my life (Yay!) and I want to celebrate that.

1. Assess my wardrobe needs on a macro- (year long) and micro- (season-specific) as it pertains to level of formality/casualness of my outfit needs. For example, my eye is drawn to pretty dresses that I have no need for, but work and casual dresses are much needed and should be my priority for 80% of the year (not leaning towards dresses in below freezing temperatures). Similarly, in the past I've leaned towards a business corporate look, but this level of formality is rarely needed in my work life.

2. Build a versatile business casual travel capsule that can suit spring/summer/fall, with only season-specific changes. I have work travel this year that includes Asia, France, and North America where I will need to project authority, be approachable, and dig in to long days of science and committee work. This will end up being the core of my entire wardrobe, with additions that may extend the base color palette. (See https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....fessionals, as an example of my goal.)

3. Build season-specific casual capsules to reflect the more smart casual needs that I've recently recognized in my life. This includes finding a summer-specific 'uniform' alternative to jeans, which are too hot in our summers here.

4. Patience and don't duplicate (yet). My body is still changing, so I need to take the transition and rebuild stages really slow.

5. Try new silhouettes and stores. More options are available to me and my body shape is different. I want to experiment by trying new stores/brands and clothes with shapes that I previously ruled out. I previously thought I was an hourglass, but with weight loss it appears that my primary body shape is inverted triangle, with a secondary shape of hourglass with slight waist definition. The rules for inverted triangle are definitely working well for me. I will continue to get inspiration here on YLF.

6. Limit shoe buying. I have a great shoe collection that I've built up over the past 2-3 years. Given my need to focus on clothing purchases, only purchase if a clear gap has been identified, such as a navy low heeled shoe suitable for my work travel.

7. Identify my style descriptors. I've been struggling with this. In the Kibbe system, I am likely a soft natural and I've been loving asymmetry and Scandinavian style (with color rather than neutrals).