I looked at my essentials list from last year and it hasn’t changed much at all. Maybe the only change is that I am wearing more tailored toppers in addition to long cardigans, but I think some of them may be statement pieces. For example, I purchased a Rebecca Taylor peplum jacket from NAS that has seen a lot of wear, but it is clearly a statement piece. I also have a Frame Denim velvet blazer that I wear frequently, but it’s obviously a statement piece. Last year, someone questioned whether my sheath dresses which are on the essentials list below, are statement pieces. I have dresses that are statement pieces, and dresses that are essential pieces. The dresses on this list are the essential pieces that serve as a backdrop for my accessories. They can be worn again and again and look different each time with a change of jewelry, a scarf, a cardigan, a jacket, etc.

1. Dainty small face watch - I have two. These help to coordinate my jewelry. If I wear mixed metals, I pick the watch with a mixed gold and silver band; otherwise I wear a solid silver tone watch.
2. Dainty Bangles - solid, thin, silver, gold or a mix of both depending on jewelry choice for the day. I have separate Statement Bangles. I ALWAYS wear Bangles.
3. Classic stud or hoop earrings, (diamond or pearl, gold or silver).
4. Wedding band and diamond ring.

1. Solid, neutral, fitted pencil sheath dress in grey, light navy, soft white and light teal. The dress should have a high neckline, best is a crew neck but boatneck, turtle, and cowl are acceptable. Sleeveless is also preferred. Dress can have some draping but must be solid, and fitted, with waist definition, Fabric should be natural material such as wool, cotton, silk or linen depending on the season.
2. Denim pencil skirts - I have two of them and they cross seasons.
3. High neckline, fluid top in natural fibers. In winter time these include pullover cashmere and merino wool sweaters in grey, winter white, light navy and light teal. Necklines are primarily turtlenecks and crew necks with an occasional boatneck. There is no cable or embellishment on the sweaters. They are very plain and simple and serve as backdrops for Statement jewelry or scarves, or they can be used under a Statement jacket. In the warmer months this includes grey crew neck tee shirts and blue, grey and soft white collarless blouses.
4. Long Cardigan Sweater - solid color, natural material, neutral color - grey, blue, white. I like the way these flutter when I move.
5. Jeans - My preferred Jean is full length in winter, maybe cropped or not in summer, and has a mid to high rise, a straight or skinny leg, and no tears or distressing. I like light and medium indigo, grey and white.
1. Down puffer - I have multiple but I wear one outside 6 months of the year. Colors are primarily grey, or chocolate. I'm phasing out the chocolate. I pick the length and thickness appropriate to the temperature. This includes my down vests.
1. Weatherproof boots and booties in the winter - Colors include navy, and grey./ weatherproof shoes in summer - metallic silver, white, grey, navy
2. Sandals in summer - primarily Naot and Birkenstock, colors include metallic, white, light navy and grey.
3. Aasics gel Nimbus - these are my running shoes. I wear them daily, and they sometimes become part of an outfit if my feet are feeling finicky.
1. Lip gloss
2. Mascara and eyeliner
(These are the essentials, I can get by without anything else in my makeup bag.)
11 months ago