For 2018, I am adding the word “ Meaningful” to my previous goal words from 2017 - “Mindfulness and Moderation”. The intention of the word is to help keep my focus on the importance of relationships, experiences, connections, and to keep me from wasting time on things that are low priority. I expect clothing to have a practical purpose other than hanging in the closet. if clothes go unused, they are meaningless. I suspect my wardrobe contains more clothing than I currently wear. I cannot confirm nor refute this because I have never successfully tracked my daily wears . Tracking my wardrobe would enable meaningful assessment of my clothing use. Wardrobe tracking will not be easy for me. I plan to use a calendar and will hand write the components of my outfits. I can make a spreadsheet and collate the information once a month. I may try taking outfit pics as well.

My plan for last year worked. I liked it. I have been happy with my style. The small changes I plan to make in 2018 do not seem to need any alteration in my style moniker - Serene Elegance. I am still thinking of what to do with my adjectives. Soft, calm, fresh, classic, polished, light. I started to add some elements of movement to the items I purchased at the end of 2017. I loved the effect. My new clothes flow like the waves of a gentle calm ocean. I want to continue to add items that have the quality of movement. I also want to add some texture to my wardrobe without adding anything overly heavy, bulky, or chunky.

My 2017 post contains the Mindfulness and Moderation plan, which I also plan to continue:

Happy New Year everyone!