2017 was a year where I experimented a little and finally rounded out my outerwear capsule.

- I gave myself the moniker, “soft natural”. Despite the massive amount of navel-gazing I spent making sure this was the right moniker for me, I didn’t find it useful while shopping, nor did I find “soft natural” clothing actually suited me. Conclusion: full-fail. I am going to stick with visuals as my guide.

As an aside: If I am being honest with myself, I look best in classic clothing. By Kibbe standards, I should be in some other category, not “classic” because I have a very dramatically large, long and crooked nose, short legs and there’s really nothing in proportion about me at all. But whatever: I still like classics the best.

- Colour experiment: I experimented with dark brown. I love chocolate footwear but I don’t love the brown with my blue bag. I need a brown bag, but brown is so hard to come by. Conclusion: semi-fail wth potential for success if I really commit to finding a chocolate brown bag.

- tunics: I thought they’d look good because they’d hide my butt and leg join. The reality is the proportions are off on me. I think semi tucking into high-rise pants and leaving the shirt tail dangle at the back is a more flattering option for leg lengthening and butt coverage.

- high neck sleeveless shells. This was a huge hit. I think woven shells look great on me! But there is the issue of how to wear them indoors and stay warm. Conclusion: success, but I will need a well-thought out cardigan or jacket strategy to make this look work.

- luxury items: I got great deals on leather items, however, I didn’t like the attention garnered by the Prada logo on my bag. I honestly didn’t think anybody would notice, because it’s tonal, but I am naive about branding: lots of people notice. Men and women in equal numbers. I especially don’t like men complimenting me on my bag because of the name brand. (They would never say anything otherwise.)

Things I discovered, aka, style epiphanies:

- black is my friend. I should have a coffee with Her and apologize for ostracizing her. I love my black suede tall boots, and I REALLY miss having black booties. I also like my black turtle neck and would like a mid-size black bag.

Also, every time I wear black, SO compliments me.

- not a fan of woven shirts. Not only are they too hot for “outside summer”, and too cold for indoors, but they feel fussy when paired with cardigans. I also feel like they are too structured for my sloped shoulders.

- tshirts work for my lifestyle. This was a tough pill to swallow because they’re just such transient pieces, but nevertheless, I ended up wearing my two identical navy cotton tshirts every weekend and even during the workweek and felt good in them. Why? Because I could do stuff in them like take out garbage, garden, sweat, etc.

Outerwear additions:
It is with great relief that I announce to the world that my outerwear capsule is in a really good place. I bought a new PRIMO navy peacoat with epaulettes, pleats in the back and silver buttons Lots of details. Quilted lining. So happy to have that piece squared away. No need to ever update it.

I also have a new puffer that ticks all the boxes. I hope it lasts for 4 or 5 years.

- the unexpected peacoat addition put me over budget. I thought I could rein in spending till December, but then ended up buying a puffer at full price in November because the small size always seems to be sold out later in the season. (As it turns out, the Small was sold out by late November.)

Anyway, hope this provided you with some fun reading I’ve rthe holidays.
Merry Christmas mes amies!