I don’t have anything insightful to add, but I have enjoyed reading every word written by everyone in this post.

" I'd rather be reading a book" Oh gosh me too. Rather that than almost anything!! I can relate to that preference - I'm also not that big on spending heaps of time of wardrobe (or other) organisation. I read to my daughters almost every night too, and that makes me too sleepy to do much else. Anyway...

Lisa I always enjoy reading your posts, and want to congratulate you on so many successes this year. ( I've also got into fashion sneakers, btw)

Lisa your post always make me think. I absolutely love your finds and wish you would post some outfits. I have tried on that red jacket several times in Banana Republic but haven’t pulled the tigger. You have accomplished a lot in year.

Hi Lisa: I can identify with some of your post too, especially the part about you'd rather be reading a book. I think, this comes with age. We're sometimes just too tired to be organizing, straightening, etc. I really like the red jacket you bought, it's that cute military style, very ageless, but a classic. Great find~ And how you styled it sounds perfect~
Cardigans: I love them and don't feel they are dowdy looking at all, if you get a nice one that is, not made out of acrylic. They feel much cozier than a blazer, which can be very structured and stiff. I especially love cashmere cardigans and sweater sets. Very 50's. And I adore knit thick sweater/jackets, from St. John and Chanel. These are super cozy and stylish. You can sometimes find these from no name designers which are beautiful and vintagey from unique boutiques, and consignment shops, my favorite type of shops. Shopping is fab~

I'm so glad to hear somebody else say they don't like cardigans. I've acquired a couple this year, and they are not flattering to my current body. I wear them for that comfort factor, an extra layer, and because they have hoods (I'm obsessed with hoods right now)

Thank you for the navel gazing, it has helped me feel less alone in my indifference toward cardigans as a "dressy" piece. <3

This is a great read, I can really relate to a lot that you have said here. I am feeling a need for simplicity right now. Too much clutter makes me feel agitated.

I am an outlier here regarding cardigans though. I love them and always have. I have bought some blazers lately trying to up my style and just don't reach for them (hopefully they don't become expensive mistakes). I don't like classic cardis like crew neck but love longer v-neck ones and drapey ones. They are just so much more comfortable.

Thanks for the insight!

Classic Jackie O cardigan lover piping up here. But I only like them for me when they are fabricated with a print or tweed/heathered.

I always associated cardigans and sneakers with Mr. Rogers...how he used to come in at the beginning of every show, take off his jacket and dress shoes, and change into a cardigan and a pair of tennis shoes. Three-year-old me was a HUGE Mr. Rogers fan, and I still like that cozy, homey feeling those items provide. I get feeling sharper in a blazer or jacket, but for me, that's outside-the-house armor.

And now that that little ramble is done... I really enjoyed this post, and am especially glad your capsule-rack is working. That seems like a such a neat solution to walk the line between variety and minimalism.

Lisa I wrote a long response then lost it :(. So simple well done! I have enjoyed your journey and learnt from it. Appreciate you sharing xx

Thank you all for your comments - truly appreciated ! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't get their head around a cardigan (long or short, classic or otherwise). Layering is not really my thing, and I think that's why I can't get on board with open sweaters.

Anyways - I'm looking forward to a fresh start in 2018 with a more organized wardrobe (I feel a big purge coming on this weekend in fact) and a better grip on what I need to buy.

What a honest and heart felt post. Style is what makes you feel great and that is all that matters.

Lisa p, the thing I like about open sweaters is taking them on and off in milder temperatures. I've moved away from trying to layer over cardigans in winter when it is coat wearing weather: I don't like two rows of fabric which can get tangled up in each other when needing to button/zip before going outside....

I read this post the day you wrote it, and reread it now. I don’t have much to add, except that I relate to much of you wrote. Years ago, when I went abroad for five months, I took a very minimal capsule without any fun, and rebounded with Rorschach precision. It’s tough trying to navigate wardrobe numbers and trends, but you do it quite well. Very much looking forward to seeing your WIWs throughout the upcoming year.

Re wardrobe darkness, is there any room to stick push-button LED lights on the wall?

I'm late to this thread but find your thought process fascinating. I love how insightful so many of the forum members are. I enjoy my closet and it's a good place, but I have hard time doing any analysis - it must be just luck that's it's working right now.

Oh, I totally love to just sit and read. My house is always full of clutter (3 kids) because I would much rather spend my afternoons reading than doing housework.