Gorgeous! And versatile. I discovered the joy of the piece dress here and now have my eye out for this exact set of attributes - long sleeve, midi, packable (and technical and ethical for the bonus), but in a petite/short torso friendly version.

Your color, style and how versatile!!! I want it, tooo!:-))

Speaking of disability access clothing, two piece dresses are insulin friendly!

Rachylou, that's what I was thinking re Joy's recent post. They really are a great option. But not always widely available.

Thanks for so-kind comments everyone. It was so cold and miserable out last night that I ended up switching things up a bit with layers, but more on that in another post!

How lucky to find something like this - your color, nice fit, goes with everything! I hope you enjoy many years with this instant workhorse.

Oh- super-like!
Washable- packable and still has those interesting style elements is a real win.

What a huge win! The colors are perfect, the neckline is interesting and works wonderfully with your hair, the shape of the skirt is uber flattering ... I could go on and on! And now you're successfully mixing and matching to your heart's content. Queen of the Two-Piece Dress, thanks for showing us how it's done!

Oh, I do love this! It has an excellent silhouette, and I particularly love tone on tone prints (jacquard, etc). You look terrific, and I can see that this dress would be great for travel!

Thanks for sharing!

Wow I love the shape of that skirt! And the ruching on the top and the colors and oh, did I mention the shape of the skirt yet? You look awesome and so at home!

Love it, and looks so versatile! Hopefully the retail powers that be will gift us with 2 piece dresses this year

Wow, what a great find! I love the blue on blue pattern.