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2018 Rejected Items with notes on why

Ensemble by Chris987

Olive pants (in store) - rise way to high even though a petite size. Burgundy Cashmere sweater (in store) very shabby. Ideology fleece top was wrong size and didn't like quality. White sweater blah.Grey/white tunic not flattering, RL jeans boring, Jeanne Pierre sweaters in blue and tan..too boring, RL grey sweater w/collar too boring and collar fabric too flimsy, black ribbed tneck a bit too heavy to be a good underlayer and I don't need it as a stand-alone top. Topshop dresses in purple & grey - too big and not avail in smaller sizes. Tried th smaller ones in black but didn't meet my goals for a LBD. The first blue/white shirt was too wrinkly and the second was too menswear ish. Olive sweater almost came home with me, but the fit does nothing for me at all even though it "does fit". two different versions of the cowl neck dress..too preppy or something. Liz had the same reaction even though she initially liked them too. Returned the puffer coat and a bunch of accessories I bought to go with it. Too hard to find hats/gloves/scarves now (I've been looking), sleeves too long, and I want to lose some weight this spring. I'll wait until next fall to find a warmer/longer puffer coat. Navy will definitly be an option, I really like the color for a winter coat. Also returned some track pants that were a little too tight, and a b/w print shirt that was cheap rayon fabric that would always require ironing and didn't have buttons at the top of the placket - very odd. Red Zara tote - looked very cheap and a little too big. I did not like how the JCP athleisure pants looked, although they fit ok. the side stripe bugged me. The Vance camuto pl sweaters were too big and the fabric was full of static cling and felt like all acrylic even though it was a blend. Too expensive given all that. The JCP olive sweater and the 5 items after that were purchases when in a lousy mood and sick of my winter wardrobe..all poor quality and don't meet my goals. Tencel shirt required too extensive a set of alterations. Striped lucky top too casual, olive jacket very nice but too cool a color. Black sole society bag too big (just a bit) and too fussy to get into. Blush blouse was really awful fabric