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Mar.2023 Workshop Capsule

Capsule by Aurore

5-days-long professional workshop in northwestern Europe. Casual dress code, informal social events, moderate free time for sightseeing. // Day 1 (travel + introductory meeting): blue jumper + jeans + bar earrings // Day 2 (plenary meeting): (jacket +) red jumper + grey trousers + spade earrings. // Day 3 (work session): (jacket +) orange blouse + grey trousers + hummingbird earrings. // Day 4 (work session): (jacket +) white blouse + grey trousers + stone earrings. // Day 5 (plenary meeting + travel): jacket + silver top + jeans + rhino necklace + spade earrings. // Blue top and black jumper (not pictured) as spares. Combat boots and sweatshirt for free time.