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2022 Tall Boots Rejected

Ensemble by Chris987

Naturalizer Jessie Wide Calf 7.5. Insole fits. Really nice leather. HL 1”, H 14.57" ; C 17" for 6M (too wide, can stick hand down in). "For each half size larger, shaft height increases by 0.12", circumference by 0.20". so for size 7.5, circ = 17.6. Same boot in normal calf width H 14.5", C 14.3" (too narrow). Walking Cradles Meadow Wide Calf 7.5. Too tight for an insole, foot area snug. HL ?? H 14 3/4". C 16" as shown on online info but actual boot measurement is 15” - saw one review that confirmed this at another site. Born Saddler Wide Calf at 16.75" was a little too wide, looked strange. H said 14.33 but was actually 15. In any case about 1" too tall. The regular calf born was 15 .5' just barely too tight. Looks like 16 - 16.5" would be right. Tried the S&C Marliee, fit is good (width 16 1.5, height 14.5 but they are cheap synthetic so no. Keep here for reference re: sizing. The tundra boots calf 16 1/2 height 12 1/2 fit well a bit lower than knee height. Too loose in heel when toe fit right. Sofft Sharnell (mid-calf) fit well in 7.5 but the style was too boho, not polished enough, and didn't work well with any items in my wardrobe.