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Outerwear full inventory

Capsule by AnneR

32 items matches my list (my list has 33 items because it additionally includes the black CAB poncho under x-NOSTALGIA). This is all of my outerwear even including gear. 8 items Removed in 2022. 10 items Returned in 2022. 7 items Added in 2022 which were largely Uniqlo puffers. 7 items In = n, including Uniqlo dots puffer but not including Cape of Good Hope (moved to In = y). On Nov 11, 2022, I updated the following collections related to outerwear: Outerwear, Puffers, Outerwear Low Frequency, Outerwear Gear and Lounge. Other collections with outerwear, such as New Outerwear 2022, need to be updated. Reflections after 2022 triage: too many heavy winter coats, 2 everyday blazers (teal, linen) and 2 suit blazers; cannot figure out if blazers elude me or not; no more denim jackets, purple fluffy Patagonia and striped Patagonia jackets have almost a cape fit and could be used with dresses, Uniqlo puffers were immediately useful and filled a hole. TO DO item as of Dec 2022 are: rain jacket, rain coat, lightweight jackets, blazer appropriate for travel.