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Winter style inspo & pieces.

Collection by Stagiaire Fash

Still thinking through the differences in my summer and winter styles, I’m looking ahead to next winter. I appreciate the time people took to comment on this post My summer style is easy—bright colors, worn with attitude. Generally a juxtaposition somewhere. Lots of pattern, but not rigid, geometric patterns. Some swishy pieces, but outfits that show figure/skin. This is easy for me to wear and easy to pull together from my wardrobe. It feels authentic to me. I think components/descriptors of my style are: natural, sexy, playful, cheeky, rich, colorful. I’ve been thinking through my winter style, trying to figure out how to carry out those same themes. It is harder, because the fabric needed to stay warm makes it hard for clothing to have much movement, unless it’s so much fabric it impedes *my* movement, which is not acceptable to me. Exposed skin is out, obviously. Mini skirts can show some shape (structure, in Angie’s use of the term) but what else is there? I think next winter i want to amp up the flirty and steampunk sides of my style, moving in the direction of burlesque/pinup. By “moving in that direction” I don’t mean I want to become a glamonatrix; being all-natural and ready for action are important to me. So no full face of make-up or lacy camis peaking out or boudoir looks on the street, even though I do like the looks on The Lingerie Addict. The part of those styles that I want to try next winter is that cheeky, sexy playfulness. Aida, commenting on a collection of boots I liked, described the looks as “rich color, texture, maximal details, and actually a fairly refined overall look with a little dark glamor”. That’s where I want to head with this. I don’t follow fashion pages, so the only references I have are from the forum. I admire the way MaryBeth and jessikams lean into a look, edging on costume, but never falling over that edge, Synne’s photo shoots are TDF—the kind of fun I want to have. Also inspiring this turn are Lana’s sophisticated allure, Brooklyn’s use of rich pattern and texture in several of her style turns, the playfulness of la ped snd zaeobi’s outfits, while staying in a space no one could claim is impractical, and Ginger’s unrepentantly (& therefore very cool) retro looks. Jenn’s emerging rocker persona might also hold something for me. Debbi and Eva’s architectural styles perfectly manage the tension between drama and practical everyday life, which I also aspire to. I took a stroll through my finds, which include pieces I own and others I just like. I did the same when I decided to build the berry wardrobe. Just like the berry colors, I found that this style turn has been bubbling under the surface for a while—here are things from my finds that fit. What do you think? How can I amp up that vibe? I’m not looking for lists of things to buy/what to throw away. I will probably buy a few new pieces, but am mostly looking for “how to” ideas, what pieces to wear with what, and sites to look at for further inspo. Ideas for styling my long layered locks without heat or hairspray (gel, coloring, or other product) would also be helpful. I’m getting it cut June 17, still planning to see if it can grow to my waist. Thanks for reading, humoring me, and any suggestions.