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2022 Footwear & Bags Rejected

Collection by Chris987

ECCO Street Tray size 38 huge, 37 right, but heel slipped even with thicker insoles. Dr S Sunray didn't like colors .. Size 7 fit was a little big, 6.5 wasn't quite right either - length ok but heel slipped. Trotter loafer - 7 right size (with an added insole) but felt unsupportive and didn't like the look. Hoka trail runners rubbed on foot in a a painful way for three wearings. Naturalizer flats didn't come close to staying on foot or having enough cushioning. Bella Vita loafers 7.5 had room for insole but heel slipped, 7 prob right size but not enough cushioning. Dailyn loafers in 7.5 not enough cushioning even with an insole added. Driving moccasin style is not for me. The Naturalizer grey sneakers in 7.5 with insole added fit really well, but they are synthetic. Bueno Kirra was too loose in the ball of foot area and know better than to try inserts in sandals. Beuno Tahiti had same problem and seemed a little too short esp in front. Bronze sandals in 7 - ball of foot strap too loose and too far back from toes, overall they felt almost too short .. also not cushioned enough. Naturalizer Astara fit well but clunky and unattractive laces too bold. Dr Scholls blue sandals looked good, were comfy, but soles just a little too squishy (which I know from experience just gets worse over time) ... also not sure adding a super casual/sporty pair of sandals is the best choice given what I already have. The ON Cloud sneakers in size 8 fit well if just a tiny bit narrow; however not enough cushioning under the ball of the foot with a superfeet replacing the standard insole.Linnea Paulo Kristen 7 was almost right but my big toe hit the tip; leather very soft; did not like the look overall. Also returned the Kammi - very similar. Brown Giani sandals not quite enough arch support but might have been ok but too cool a brown. All three ivory handbags were too blah and uninteresting IRL. The adidas bag was not white. Also a little too . The Lucky sandals fit well in 6.5 but stiff soles made them a bit uncomfortable and undecided the sole shape looked a little odd. Ryka hikers (DSW) were comfy is size 8, but Amazon reviews said very slippery sole.