From canvas totes to hybrid type weekenders with secret roller wheels, Refinery29 rounds up 14 travel bags for a weekend away.

Girls of a Certain Age has you covered if you like a weekender with a more utilitarian vibe.

Travel and Leisure has suggestions for which bag to pack for your next getaway.

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Fab Links from Our Members

Shevia wanted to share this article about how J.C. Penney and Kohl’s have failed their most loyal customers.

With all the young people vs old people focus that is everywhere, this article about a 78-year young ballerina made nemosmom smile.

La Pedestrienne came across this article about Japan’s #KuToo campaign, a movement organized by women petitioning against workplaces that require high heels.

The Guardian also just posted a follow-up article reporting that Japan’s health and labour minister defends the practice, arguing that it is “necessary and appropriate.”

JAileen was pleased to read that Tevas are now fashionable. And also found this article about gorpcore — gear as fashion — interesting.

Roberta saw the Fashioned from Nature exhibition in Copenhagen, and found it simply remarkable.