Next time you have no clue what to wear, look no further than last night’s dessert. I have a huge sweet tooth and am now wondering why this never occurred to me.

If you work in a fashion-forward environment What Thirteen People Wore to Their Interview With Anna Wintour might contain some useful pointers.

Infusing your ensemble with a little art never hurts. From Mondrian and Roy Lichtenstein to Frank Lloyd Wright, I enjoyed browsing this “Canvas-Worthy Wares” roundup.

Fab Links from Our Members

Raisin is curious to try out the BeauCoo app. You enter your measurements and it shows you clothing on someone who is similar to you in shape and size.

Mander found an interesting commentary on expensive handbags worn by Pippa Middleton.

According to podiatrist Emma Supple every woman has her own perfect heel height. Vildy took the test provided with the article and would like to add that ankle flexibility may also vary on the time of day.

Lena is intrigued by research that shows how scents can be used to influence our shopping behaviour, and have an impact on how we perceive the displayed merchandise.

Isabel liked how Audrey uses colour theory to put together a wardrobe from scratch.

London based graphic designer Shini Park is originally from Seoul, but was raised in Warsaw. This type of global integrity really speaks to Angie, who enjoys the Park & Cube blog for its mix of lifestyle, food and fashion posts.

Deborah recently discovered fashion label Complex Geometries. Designer Clayton Evans’ views on seasonless, trendless dressing really resonated with her.