I've loved reading all the wardrobe analysis, planning and capsule posts lately. So much more fun (and profoundly more productive) than all the busy-ness I have going on at the moment. So I thought I'd take a little break this afternoon and put together what I would choose for a Winter capsule.

As a classic, simple dresser and a menopausal Southerner, several popular "rules" have always bugged me about capsule discussions around the web (Not here). The first is the premise that every item needs to work with every other item. Why? Proportion would be an issue for me. The second idea is that as many items as possible need to pull double or triple duty (ie...throw a sweater over a dress and call it a skirt). This just seems so forced and unnecessary to me. The last item is the focus on layering. For the most part, I really can't stand the feel of layering. It's too constricting, too fussy and way too hot for this 53 year old Southern girl.

So I thought I'd see what happened if I completely ignored those three "rules". Selecting everything only took about 20 minutes and was quite organic. No overthinking. I pulled my favorites then added a couple more colorful items for good measure. I ended up with 30 clothing items (21 tops and 9 bottoms). With Unfancy's target 37 items, I added 2 belts and 5 shoes. Done.

I wouldn't wear every top with every bottom. The shorter tops don't work for me with the leggings, the longer tops don't work with the straighter pants, etc. A top is a top, and a pant is a pant. There is no identity confusion;-). Finally, there's not a layer in the bunch. Even still, out of a *possible* 189 (21 x 9) combinations, there are 133 top and bottom combinations that I would happily choose to wear. Given that our "Winter" is only 6-8 weeks, it would take me more than 2 years to wear all these outfits. That's way more variety than I need/want.

My entire Winter wardrobe is probably double this. It's a good thing I'm done shopping for Winter;-). Wish I'd done this exercise sooner. Have you ever wondered if a capsule wardrobe would really work for you? Are there other "rules" you would ditch?

1. Everything
2-3, 5. The sweaters
4. The tee shirt material tunics (surely there's a better name for these?)
6. The shoes (I really only need the three in front)
7. The belts

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