Have you looked into the Ethereal style persona? It's kind of building on Kibbe, but the idea is that it's using the more pastel colours (that suit you) in a more dramatically mysterious way. You don't have to go for that exact way of dressing, but just wanted to throw it out there in case it helps - maybe try a small pastel item near your face (like a scarf)?

There's a Kibbe saying that clothes don't have an ID (type), but rather the overall outfit does - I've seen items like a cream pussybow blouse under a satin lapel tuxedo blazer (both romantic) but with sharp shoulder pads, ripped black jeans & fingerless gloves (romantic edge = slightly more gothic). So it is possible to juxtapose styles!

I also 'suffer' (lol) from a juxtaposition in my natural body type VS colouring, so I do sympathise - i.e. I suspect my Kibbe type is either Romantic or Soft Classic, but my seasonal subtype is Deep Autumn. In other words, I can't do the softer shades of a 'typical' Romantic unless I want to look like an pastel zombie, lol. My compromise has been wearing darker colours but with more 'pared back' versions of soft silhouettes (like slightly rounded boatnecks instead of a deeply scooped neckline, or bishop sleeves but without any shoulder gathers/ puffs).

I'm nowhere near being a fashion icon lol, but I think this balance helps me to convey my personality (not too 'innocent' but not edgy either). Feel free to disagree though, haha!

I am sitting in the second floor lobby. The country music of the waiting room finally got to me.

True purple looks really good on me but I've never cared for the color. A few years back I decided I was going to wear it regardless. I purchased about 5 pieces and none of those pieces lasted. I was just never happy wearing them - although they did look good on me. So I think you have to be aware of colors that make you happy and those that don't.

I would not wear them if they looked fantastic on me according to someone else’s idea but I didn’t like them or they didn’t feel like me.
I do agree with Zaeobi’s idea of your possibly looking into Kibbe and related systems? I’ve done quite a lot of reading around that and found it helpful to add to my sense of myself. The Gabrielle Arruda site is good IMO.