What great shoes, Janet! Wow, three in one visit.

I'm hitting Nordstroms Ottawa in a week... can't wait. You've just added to my list of things to check out!

Great choices! I saw those sneakers last weekend and was tempted to try them but don't really need more casual shoes. They look perfect for your style; I'd love to see them in an outfit photo.

I like both of the mules with a slight preference for the black but only because I usually don't love very flat shoes. I do think the woven silver is more casual than the shiny one you showed. I was having trouble finding mules but got this one from Free People:


They also had it in off white and a grayish/blue which were nice shades too.

I love your shopping outfit....great colors for you. I think I have that same top but in the ivory/black stripe.

I like your shoe choices. I'll be interested to see what you end up keeping. I'm looking for a couple pair of updated spring and summer shoes myself. I didn't add any shoes last year so I'm ready to buy. I usually never have a problem finding shoes that fit my feet but this year I'm having a tough time. I did pick up Angie's mules in black and to be honest, they fit perfectly and are comfy but I was going to send them back because my eye was not used to the style. We are having an unseasonably warm day so I'm wearing them today and love them!

Yes to all! The first pair, wedge heel miles are special awesome.

Oh oh! Those sneakers call to me. They look great on you!

Janet, I tried on your JC silver mules today - I did not find them stable or comfy - (I DO realize my feet are fussier than yours!) Could not walk in them easily. THESE mules are sooooo much better for walking. Stable, supportive and more comfy. I have them in a white narrow. I urge you to try them too - as an additional option.

Angie, I like the shape of those but none of the colors appeals to me — I already have black flats that have a similar vibe, so I was really thinking silver or rose gold for flat mules. The Dolce Vitas below have a very similar cut though, so I’d like to try those.

I’m going to be really picky about the usefulness of whatever mules I get. My life is way more casual than yours, Angie, and I also run far warmer and live in a warmer climate. I don’t mind shoes being less supportive, as my feet are not terribly fussy. I actually found those silver woven mules to feel very much like the slide-style flat sandals I am accustomed to wearing. I especially like the idea of a perforated or woven mule for summer — much more in tune with casual shorts and skirt outfits to keep the vibe easy, plus breezy on my feet so they don’t get sweaty.

I’m in TX now, but I have a few more options on order that will be waiting for me to return home and try on. I’ll post updates when that happens!

Sounds good, Janet. As long as you are discerning! Your reasons make percent sense.