My black leather silver studded fingerless gloves are my signature item or at least the left one is because the Reynaud’s is worse on my left hand. I generally have them with me any time the temperature is below 70F.

Otherwise, my signature look is probably some combo of gray or gray & black texture, pattern, and shine so lots of silver beyond silver tone jewelry.

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This is very interesting! Just a thought: is this another topic where one self maybe isn't the best judge? (Re: discussion on Kibbe type a while back). I see all of you listing many items, while leaving out what "I" would characterise as your signature.

This is purely based on how I know your style from posts here: some signatures from the top of my head: fitted knit tops for Torontogirl. Nemosmom: green! Brooklyn: dark background patterns, knee length skirts. Janet: denim. Sal: pastels. Joy: tailored jackets/blazers. Very interesting that you didn't list these yourself. Wonder what my own signatures/essentials could be, and if I would be able to pin them down at all...

Reread the thread and I see now that you already mentioned this, being able to spot others signature pieces!

Also would like to add that Nuancedream's signature has got to be sleek silhouettes. You look strikingly tall and statuesque and gorgeous in every photo I have seen you in, but I would bet on that you are no way near my height (Close to 6')

ETA: and ankle pants and flowy tops for Sarah!

Synne - I would say Fashion forward pants looks for you! Interesting that you think if pastels for me as I never would have thought that. But I do have a few items in that range so I can see how you would conclude that.

I think my gold bomber and jumpsuit are signatures at the moment - but as they are newer it is hard to tell?

Yes, you might be right about that for me Sal. Experimenting with trousers seems "safer" because they are further away from my face (but more visible at all time, hum, oxymoron).

I do think of pastels and feminine/soft fabrics, silhouettes and cuts for you, Sal. Summer dresses, linen, light colours, flower patterns, etc. We would call it "Skagen-style" (Skagen painters) in my neck of the woods

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I agree that signature is sometimes easier when identified by others. For me it’s delicate gold earrings and necklaces, and statement footwear. Both are things my friends reinforce as distinctive.

I’d also add blazers (both essential and statement), as signature to my work style.

What an interesting thought and thread! Like Suz and others I think my hair is my biggest signature. My shoes are not always statement but definitely signature. And sometimes statement. I have to think about this more and, in line with Synne's comment of how to judge, I am naturally inclined to think about what is noticed and commented on most by others. Which leads me back to hair and shoes!

Thank you for starting this thread. It is a great read. TG said it well when she mentioned our signatures are how others might identify us. I think signatures have helped me feel like I know fellow posters.
My signatures are:
My happiness factors, specifically my multiple bracelets. Statement and essential to me.
My smile. Essential.
Long toppers worn over skinny pants. Statement and essential.
Silvery hair. A statement I didn’t expect to become a signature, but it has.

Going by what others notice about us, I’d have to add my hair to the list too. The blue streaks are not obvious from a distance but get comments all the time even from strangers.

I heard signature described as: if you were a cartoon character, what would define you?
For me probably:
Bob haircut
Current eyewear
Stud earrings
Neutral rich outfit

Outfit is more variable. My signature style is more defined by essentials than statements, as I'm more of an 'elevated basics' kind of person.

Such interesting responses! Thank you to everyone for indulging my over thinking.... (I did not take your response that way, Sarah! I own my neuroses )

notsaf - I did agree with DH about the jacket. But wanted to know why - was it because I had it for so long? Wore it so often? Preferred it over newer pieces (and why was I going back to an old fave instead of wearing my newer, more current jackets?)

Going by what others notice is likely the way to identify signature pieces. I recall seeing some of Angie's top picks and outfit formulas on the blog last year and thinking how I could see certain fabbers wearing those looks or pieces.

Signature to my style is the formula of statement dress and colourful bag and/or shoes. I also think my hair is one of my most recognisable features.

Fun topic and great read about people’s choices and thoughts.
My signature and essentials are shoes. I generally decide on them and then add the rest of the outfit. If it will rain, snow, be cold or I will have a long commute using public transportation, will be an indicator to select waterproof, non-slip, warm or “fast” moving shoes, all essentials. Otherwise my statement shoes can play.
Other statement items are pretty caps, gloves, scarves and also now wide leg pants which are very comfortable.
Essentials would be clothing for work and also jeans for non-work days.

Ok, so I asked my husband about this because I was curious, and he's indulgent. He started by saying he didn't think of my style so much in terms of signature pieces as "having a certain center of gravity." Very different from Iris Apfel's specs, and maybe more like what's going on with your oldie-but-goodie jacket?

I really had to think about this, and I think you're right it might be easier for others to zero in on what another person's signature is. I pretty much live in jeans, boots, and leather jackets during the cooler months, and sandals and slim cotton pants and boho tops during the hot months.

Lately, though, I've been in no-buy mode, and have diverted clothing money into hair and skin care. You could say I've gone a little crazy here, trying out new products and potions! The result is my skin and hair are now getting more attention than my clothing. I'm not unhappy about that at all!

Synne, thank you for the lovely compliment. I'm not a statuesque near 6' like you, but a medium tall 5'8. What I wear can give me the illusion of a little extra height.

GREAT THOUGHTS. Thanks for posting and sharing, everyone.

My signature style:

Short blonde pixie, statement eyewear, white footwear, white pearls, and flats are probably the most distinctive parts of my style.

White jeans, white tops, solid items in sour brights, colourful clothing combinations, Furla handbags, lace, gold watches, navy military coat, red outerwear, red bottoms, micro-checks, denim jackets, high necklines, longer sleeves, midis, naked nails, and a good dose of trendy classic are the other elements that I consider “signature” to my style.

They anchor my look and make me happy. All of that is remixed with a strong desire to emulate a polished appearance with movement, and create dressier crisp outfits with ample structure that are still soft and pretty.

And to answer your question......


White Footwear, Navy Military Coat, Micro Check Pants, Trendy Blue & White Jeans, Denim Jackets, and White Pearl Jewellery.


Hair, Eyewear, Red Bottoms, Red Outerwear, and Sour Bright Anything.

Such an interesting thing to consider...

So I asked my work colleagues and they immediately said, "Hair!"
My very short hair is definitely one of the things that people remember about me.
The other is my use of colour. I wear a lot of colour, in a big-city sea of black and grey. Pink, orange, red, yellow... I am known for wearing colour.

For me, my signature pieces would be jeans in up-to-date cuts (lots of raw hems, for example), heels, delicate jewelry, whimsical sweaters, patterned or unusual-colored scarves, casual hair, and neutral-colored pieces.

I think that of these, my shoes, scarves, and sweaters are statement pieces.

I think I’m more of an Essentials gal. I’m not sure I even own a statement item well, maybe a couple.
My essentials that are also signatures are: skinny jeans, turtlenecks, Aline skirts, and delicate footwear like ballet flats.

Synne, thanks for including me in your thoughts! I'm going to ask DH what he would say, as notsaf did ... curious ... but I'm guessing he'll say stripes, even though I haven't worn them much lately ...

For you Synne, I agree with Sal and would add a generally Scandinavian-cool-girl vibe ...

Nemosmom, definitely green - and your gorgeous hair!

Going by what's been stable through most of my life:
Long hair, full makeup always, skirts and dresses, heels, deep colors, and ponte pants.