Love the contrast between the lights and darks in your hair! Little tweaks keep the look fresh! (Same is looking sharp, too!)

So pretty! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.

Loved it, you are so beautiful. Sam looks adorable.

Angie, this haircut is divine on you. Your stylist is talented! Of course Sam is on the Nice list. No doubt in my mind!

Love your hair! Enjoy the break with Greg and Sam.

Gorgeous hair, Angie. I wish I could see the sides too
Sam steals the show as usual.
Enjoy quiet time with your boys!

You do a good new 'do

Fabulous new haircut Angie, but I have to admit pic #2 is the winner for me.

Merry Christmas and hope you are enjoying some well-deserved rest!

I wanted to say thank you for all that you do to make this forum so helpful and welcoming. Although I am new here I felt supported instantly and already have learned a ton about my style in just a short period!

I love it Angie! The darker tones suit you well.
I recently stopping having lots of lighter red tones in my hair. The colours seemed at odds and disconnected with my eye colour.
I hope you enjoyed your much needed break xx

Gosh are you gorgeous !

THANK YOU, for the awfully kind words, ladies.

Always love a bigger contrast for winters in my hair, too, your chop is lovely! Think your boys will like it too, Sam is adorable!:-)

Hi Angie: You are so cute~ I love your side-swept bangs, and your plaid coat with yellow! Smashing~ Your doggie is so cute too~ Did I tell you I had two yorkies which lived to be 19?
Do you have children Angie?

Thank you, ladies. You are awfully kind.

Violett, we do not have children. Sam is our third Yorkie. We are besotted with the breed. I'd love to see your Yorkies.

So fun! You and Sam are the cutest!

Love your hair, and Sam is so sweet I could just eat him up <3

I am late here, as I have been spending Christmas with friends away from home, and wishing you, Greg and Sam a very Merry Christmas! I love the new version of your hairstyle, it really suits you. Sam's bandana may say "Nice", but his eyes are foretelling lots of mischief to about happen

I love it (you know I love when hair doesn’t hide your pretty face).
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas (any fashion related gifts to show us ?