Inspired by Angie’s blog post, I looked back at my NAS purchases to see how I did this year.

1. Paige jeans - slam dunk winner. I love these, hubs loves these. Great fit and so flattering.

2. Lounge bra - another winner. It has enough support I can even wear it for travel (perfect for a long flight when you want to sleep and underwires become uncomfortable). Yes, even for a G cup.

3. Black moto with animal print. This may have been a misstep. Still has tags on. I’m giving it a chance still, since Nordstrom doesn’t balk at a late return of an unworn item. But even though it looks great when I try it on, I seem to be drawn more to my longer jackets this season.

4. Reptile print booties. Total winner. More comfortable than I expected. They look great with bootcuts and add a nice little cognac accent, which I enjoy.

5. Veronica Beard plaid blazer. This was a wild card. I wasn’t sure about the red; I had pretty much purged red from my wardrobe (and now I’m sad I did — I need a new red/black/white scarf to wear with this). And I wasn’t sure about the plaid for me. But once I got the hoodie dickie for it, I was totally sold. I wore it the other day and my husband said “I really like that jacket.” And I do too! I’ve worn it more than I expected I would. No regrets at all!

6. Pikolonos studded boots. Another winner. Comfortable and great for my style.

So, out of 6 items, only one is a question mark. Not too bad. I see the pattern here: footwear and jeans and jackets. Usually pretty solid bets for me that those things will appeal to me regardless of season. Not super trendy but updated. And it’s not a bad time to try a wild card since Nordstrom has a good return policy, even if it’s months later.