I think of statements as the things that make a memorable answer to "what are you wearing?" The thing that defines the outfit to you.

Like, say I wear jeans and a pullover. If the answer I'd give is:
"I'm wearing jeans and a sweater" -- probably essentials
"I'm wearing that awesome multi-color sweater" -- statement; the jeans are the supporting act

Though as it happens, my own wardrobe is made almost entirely of essentials, combined in ways that make memorable outfits.

Ooh, I really like your refinement of the idea of an essential as an item that encapsulates your style. I've recently been struggling with some of my essentials, namely, long-sleeved plain tees in brown, black, and white. They're just so boring. It's the cut, the way they hang on the body, that I don't like. So I am trying to refresh these basics with items that feel more exciting--but we're still definitely not going to be into statement territory. The tees will still be quite plain, but they will hopefully have more drape and a lower neckline--which is more the style I am going for.

I think of French Chic and how (from what I've read) you need to have the perfect t-shirt--not too fitted, not too loose. This is what you're talking about: the essentials will very much reflect your chosen style and favored silhoutte.

Yes, that’s it exactly, Gigi. I used to say ‘I don’t do tees’ - and I didn’t. But I do have a very specific Essential tee that makes everything from suits to my bakery leggings work: the muscle tee. No sleeves, but not a tank top. I actually quite depend on them. I should talk about them more.

Barbara Diane - Oh that is so true. I’ve gone off my hipster delicate jewellery a bit. They don’t have the same power to create the drama I seek, when I wear jewellery, like they used to, and have become ‘regular.’

Greyscale, your wardrobe is interesting. Your palette is strict, but you have some very distinctive pieces. I think your essential tops can be separated from your statement tops. I wonder how many ‘regular’ pieces you have, tho. Things that are, lol, only minimally interesting

Rachylou you are a great philosopher I like to read your texts you're really great to talk about statement it's important I really liked the photo you shared for me the white shirt is a statement and the coat I find that it is out of the ordinary if you do not want to keep the white shirt with nothing but the buttons you can wear a brooch or a necklace it's so beautiful and why not be a little crazy tie or bow tie. It's just my opinion but happy to share it with you.

Now that’s an idea! A bow tie! I like it. Gingham for me

je suis sur que tu le porterais à merveille
I'm sure you would wear it beautifully