Hi all,
As usual I seek the wisdom of the hive mind! This morning I woke up and had a heck of a time getting dressed for work. I am in need of some new outfit formulas… any suggestions appreciated! I work as a primary school teacher with little children. I have to do yard duty several times per day, and sometimes sit on floor/little chairs. Other times I have meetings and office time. It’s a fairly casual workplace; anything goes in terms of fashion/self expression. I am incredibly busy with the students all day and it’s kind of intense. Sometimes I have to rush from indoors to outdoors very quickly, we have some indoor/outdoor programs, and to be honest a lot of behavioral challenges.
Today I wore charcoal grey jeans with a stretchy waistband (kind of a cross between jeans and joggers), dark green soft tee tucked in, dark green long cardi and black brogues. I felt so boring and drab. I did put lipstick on and a long pendant which certainly helped a lot I thought. And I was comfy so that’s something. But nonetheless….
I really struggle to balance practicality/comfort with weather issues and wanting to look good too! Any ideas of “fast fallback” teacher outfits would be so appreciated!