It's a TREND that trends are becoming meaningless over time. That has been the direction for a while - which I regularly mention in my trend posts, actually. The global pandemic has simply sped up what is inevitable.

Like Style Fan, I would choose what appealed to me - which I do anyway, although I like to know which the trendier choices are because that's my current line of work. Everything is pivoting though. My line of work too.

High five to bonnie, since I have the same sneakers and love them!

FWIW, this is what is on trend:

  • yes to Anna - Dad sneakers in all sorts of colours
  • yes to La Ped - colour coded soles that are not white
  • yes to Helena, Roxanna and Bijou - anything Modern Retro and Vintage worn with ANYTHING. Think the '70s and '80s.
  • yes to UmmLila - crisp and clean big white sneakers like the Nike Air Force 1's
  • yes to Sal - Vejas and Allbirds.


  • platform sneakers - think the '90s.
  • Hybrid sneaker styles
  • anything rainbow and maximal
  • .....and in an extreme sense, all the classics are on trend because trends are on their way out the window, just like calling an item dated is a somewhat dated concept.

The Air Force One's are the big thing among collectors right now . I saw a young guy yesterday wearing a brand new pair in white, with white socks and orange chino shorts . If I were in the market for white sneakers I'd be trying them , and I also like the Adidas Superstar in almost any of their colour choices. I think I'll be picking up the black/white stripes/white clamshell toe for Fall work use. They also have a version with a floral sole and sidewall that is REALLY cute.

But yeah - whatever floats your boat is the way to go. I regret spending the money I did on the Ecco 7's and a pair of orange/red Softinos earlier this summer. Once again I got caught up in a forum trend and thought it was what I should be wearing . I never wear either of them, and neither pair feel like me. $300 worth of sneakers that I don't wear

If a tree falls in the forest...

I'm glad that "fashion" seems so much broader and more open. Including footwear. Then the pandemic really does raise the question, for whom are you dressing? Not so simply as "dress to impress", but loss of the social aspects of dressing--party clothes, dinner clothes, arty clothes, date-night, girls' night out, professional conferences. Whether one would call it attention to "trends" or being modern, or the line between lemming vs. enjoying something together--it is now so much harder to experience and capture, visually, the shifts in dressing styles, options for garments and footwear--whether a trend or perhaps more of "cool new idea I would not have though of myself" that just makes wearing clothes more fun.

We talk a lot--or maybe used to--about styles and fits that work especially well for certain body types, though always with disclaimer that that assumes some inherent bias or "eye-training" for conventional fits and proportions, and the fun of going against type or conventionally flattering styles and fits---but I don't see as much of that for footwear. Meaning. how it complements your feet, legs, other parts of garments. Sometimes we do, in terms of color matching or bookending.

Anyway the point of all this is that I seem to do best when I stick with footwear that i just like how it looks on me and with the particular kind of outfits for which I will wear it, and it fits great. A hard combo but clearly the best direction for me. I do admit that "how it looks" must at some level be influenced by what I am seeing over time, and what is available, but in truth, it doesn't seem like I get anywhere by trying to find what may be trending.
It is more like I get lucky when styles I like happen to like are available, come back in style or for some reason have some longevity or classic features.

@unfrumped - your first paragraph articulates so well why I started this thread! Yes! I’m all for DYOT and don’t love the idea of being trend-driven-to-abstraction. I love how you describe it as ‘enjoying something together’, because I am interested in ‘cool new ideas’, even if they are something old that is new again!

@Angie - thanks for chiming in!

I love that image Helena!

I went into our local Platypus - retailer of fashion and street sneakers. It was heaving! I was shopping for my 18 yr old who is not really into clothes -but we bought some great hot red adidas.

The range was fantastic and people were shopping and spending. The two neighbouring shoe retailers were very quiet.

Our staff in the office are all wearing sneakers now.

Not sure what your budget is , but every time I see the Converse/comme de garçon collaboration styles I think of you . Super fun !

I had no idea rainbow sneakers were “on trend”. Early in the pandemic, when I need a little cheering up I bought these.

Oh! I LOVE these Nikes, kkards!

I love my Veja, they are comfy and well made!

I think there is A demand for ethical trainers, this article shows some brands

Hope it helps!

Here is one suggestion: Stan Smiths, by Adidas https://verysmartbrothas.thero.....1844279775

I avoid “big” clunky, and loud shoes because my feet are big enough to call attention to themselves without that, but unfrump’s guidelines probably work for most people. I didn’t get the shoes in the above link, but I did go with non-clunky, basic, simple white treetorns.

And lisap they were on a serious that helped as well.