Wrap Skirts

Wrap skirts take me back to the ‘90s, although they featured decades before that and I wore them in the ‘70s. The oh-so-trendy nod to the ‘90s this year is more prominent than I expected. I’m not generally a fan of ‘90s fashion, but am thoroughly enjoying the redux at retail.

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Fashion Trend - Wrap Skirts

Chore Jackets

Utility wear is more on-trend than ever. The chore jacket — also called a utility jacket, workwear jacket, swing jacket or overshirt — is making a fringe debut. It’s not a mainstream trend. My guess is that it will stay fringe because it’s not the easiest silhouette to feel fab in.

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Fashion Trend - Chore Jackets

The Fair Isle Trend

Fair Isle is a knitting technique that combines two or more colours to create a distinctive pattern. It gets its name from an island in Shetland just north of Scotland.

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Fashion Trend - The Fair Isle Trend

A Nod to the Wild West

I mentioned in my trend report that Western wear is getting its fashion moment. A nod to the Wild West also made my seasonal must-haves list for Fall and Winter 2018. It’s a Trendy Classic, iconic, timeless, and always in style. But because it’s fashionable at the moment, you’ll see larger and deeper assortments at retail.

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Fashion Trend - A Nod to the Wild West

White Boots

There is a lot of excitement for this year’s Fall & Winter trends. A lot of that has to do with the enormous variety and a general affection for Fall fashion, but maybe the strong ‘80s influence is a particular drawcard. And of the many examples of ‘80s influence, white boots are top of the list.

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Fashion Trend - White Boots