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Personal Information


Bassist, Goth DJ


20 November

Fashion & Style Preferences

Fashion Persona

Artistic Eclectic
Bohemian Hippie
Girly Tomboy
Tough Chic
Punk Lady

Style Statement

Currently I'm in the mood where I want to look like a member of some 80s sleaze rock band.

Sometimes I want to look like a dirty hippie, or a late 70s groupie, or an angsty 90s high school student, or a burnout, or the biggest wannabe beatnik on the face of the planet.

Favorite Clothing Items

Jeans, biker boots, and denim jackets. Low-cut tops. Fuzzy-hooded flannel jackets. Baja hoodies.

Favorite Accessories

Necklaces and retro rings

Preferred Shopping Destinations

Thrift stores

Style Pet Peeves

Unironic bold prints, babydoll dresses, skirts, loose-fitting tops, skinny jeans, shoes with thin heels, light- or warmer-toned clothing

Favorite Fashion Era

70s street/80s glam rock

Body Type & Appearance

Primary Body Type


Secondary Body Type


Body Shape Modifiers

Long Waisted
Large Bust
Long Neck

Hair Color


Eye Color