A-line – an item of clothing, usually a dress, skirt or coat that is shaped like the capital letter “A”. It is narrow at the top and flares away from the hip.

Bias cut – a term used when fabric is cut across the grain diagonally. This creates stretch to an otherwise stretch-less fabric. The result is a garment that clings to your curves.

Bell sleeve – a long or three quarter length sleeve that flares out at the hem.

Charmeuse – a polyester fabric with glossy finish that looks like satin.

Cap sleeve – a little sleeve that covers the top of your shoulders.

Circular skirt – a skirt that is created by cutting a circle out of a piece of fabric. The result creates lots of volume.

Décolletage – the part of your body between your neck and bust line.

Empire line – a high-waisted seam that sits directly underneath the bust line

Knitted fabric – fabric which is knitted using plain and pearl stitches and is therefore stretchy (e.g. t-shirt fabric, jersey, fleece, sweat shirt fabric, ribbing)

Kitten heel – a small dainty heel that is less than one inch high.

Notched lapel – a lapel with a V-shaped indentation.

Pencil skirt – a straight skirt which can either taper in at the hem or fall straight down from the hip.

Piping – a fabric trim that is added along the seams or edges of a garment in either the same material or in a contrasting colour.

Pleat – a fold of fabric that is pressed flat and sometimes stitched down half the way while the rest is left open (types of pleating: Box pleat, vertical/knife pleat, sunray pleat, broomstick pleat).

Raglan sleeve – a sleeve that has a slanted seam from the neck to the underarm, and no shoulder seam.

Rise – The distance between the crotch and the waistband in pants, shorts, or underwear (both front and back)

Ruching – fabric that has been gathered and stitched at a centre point to create a rippled appearance.

Stance – where the highest button on a jacket hits the chest. Stances can be high or low.

Thong sandal: generic term used to describe a sandal that has a strap of sorts between your big and second toe. “Flip-flops” are a type of thong.

Tiers – layers of fabric placed one above the other.

Trumpet skirt – a straight skirt with a hem flounce that flares away from the body.

Whiskers – creases of fabric at the hip and upper thigh.

Woven fabric – fabric that have been squarely woven on a loom and does not stretch unless a lycra or spandex component has been added.