Ah, Greyscale, our resident Irish Dancing Scientist with the striking edgy haircut and penchant for black! You always look so cool. You say in your YLF profile that: " I have a very well-developed sense of my own style but I don't always achieve the vision in my mind.", but based on your WIWs I would never guess that you aren't achieving your vision. It seems to me that you have a sharply trained eye for interesting pieces, a deft hand for combining them into outfits, and the boldness to rock them in the real world. The piece that comes to mind first is a recent acquisition of yours: those amazing R13 crossover jeans.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: Treat us to more crossover jeans fabness! Let's see you rock those jeans for:

  • everyday
  • an upcoming social engagement
  • some [possibly fantasy lifestyle] event for which you can wear your very favourite and most awesome no-punches-pulled crossover jeans ensemble

(For anyone who is playing along with the challenges, replace R13 Crossover Jeans with your most exciting recent acquisition)

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