My workplace holiday party was tonight and we had a fun theme (sorry Rae!) of Wild Wild West. Initially I posted some possible outfits here:

But then I wasn't completely happy with the looks and they didn't feel very Wild West to me. Claire had the great suggestion to do a saloon girl costume so I took that idea and ran with it. I bought a red and black striped saloon girl costume from Amazon that has a ribbon bodice and short ruffled hem in the front and longer in the back. It only had Velcro in the back to hold it closed, so I had to add a safety pin for extra security. I added some striped black Commando fishnet tights, Mia Nanette heeled black lace-up ankle booties, a black feather boa, and a red ruffled clutch. My favorite find was a Victorian bead necklace from Amazon for $19 that came with matching dangly black earrings. The necklace has a vintage-style cross. I think it really helped keep the outfit in "saloon girl" territory because the dress alone looks more like a pirate wench costume. I ended up buying pretty much everything except the purse new, but I think I'll be able to use the booties and some of the accessories with my other outfits. I put my hair in a bun and wrapped DD's headband with red roses on it around the bun.

DH went all out as well. He bought a brown oiled canvas long duster, brown cowboy hat, holster and replica six shooter (it's so heavy it looks real). He's like an excited little kid--he's been walking around the house with his toy gun and holster on the last several days. He also bought a mustache and a vest but they didn't come in time so he just wore a brown plaid shirt and Levi jeans. And some fake spurs for his boots so he would make ka-chink noises when he walked. And the best part was the little sheriff's pin he wore that says "Official Brothel Inspector."

I was a little worried that nobody else was going to dress up like me and that they'd all be in plaid shirts and jeans and I'd be all embarrassed to be in a "slutty" outfit. But there were several other saloon girls and madams at the party. And a lot of the guys were all dressed up like gunslingers too. It had more of a vintage feel to the party that was very fun!

Here are some pics from the party--we had lots of fun!

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