This is a follow up to this post:

Sorry these photos are so horrible. I was hoping my BIL would send me some better pics he took of DH and I at the event, so you could see the outfit better. I will update this post if/when he remembers.

We went to Man of the Year awards on Friday night. We lucked out as our dinner reservations put us at the table right next to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. After dinner, we introduced ourselves and my hubby asked to take a photo of me with him....

In my nervousness I said, "I fell asleep with you last night." He asked, "Oh you did?" I replied, "Yes I was watching Premium Rush." Gah! Well, I guess it was in the spirit of the event, which is a roast.

Unfortunately the flash did not go off, and as you can see, I had just changed into my snow boots to trek to the event. That blue bag I'm holding is a reusable shopping bag -- I desperately need to upgrade here to a nice tote that can go with formal winter events to carry shoes/boots....

Pic 1: Me looking like a bag lady with Jo-Go

Pic 2 & 3: tried to take outfit shots before we left -- DH was busy putting on his kilt and we were running late so this is the best I could do.

Pic 4: This event is "creative black tie" -- you see all sorts of interesting outfits. This was one of my favorites.

Pic 5: Jo-Go getting his MoY award. He was such a good sport.

- Tart dress. Long sleeves make all the difference. I was warm and toasty.
- Black sheer hose
- Black Nine West pumps (yep I decided last-minute to wear snow boots to the event and changed into pumps for the event). I'd have loved fancier footwear but my feet are just so fussy these days. Even these, with modest heel, were "sitting shoes."
- Jcrew Factory pearls
- OPI Big Apple red nails
- Black Burberry wool trench
- I wound up using the CM metallic clutch instead of the red leather clutch. The red clutch just seemed to read too casual for the event. I liked the bling of the CM clutch better.

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