The response to Angie's post on printed wide leg pants today seems to point to this fad dying a short, painful death. I, like a few others on the forum, wore this style in the 1990's. I enjoyed the comfort and the feminine feel - a similar vibe to a skirt. I only had 2 pair, as the cut, print, and drape varied so much and it was hard to find ones i liked.

In the first pic i'm wearing rayon floral pants with a denim shirt tied at hi-hip and a 1940's navy wool crepe jacket. Yes, that is a fuschia alligator clip in my hair - in my defense, i was not going out! Pic two gives you a look at the straw boater with navy grosgrain ribbon that i loved to wear with these pants, as well as the interior of my 1974 Dodge Dart.

In short, what made printed wide leg pants work for me was adding structure (jacket, hat) and a little toughness (denim shirt). I believe this formula would still work today (provided i could find a pair i liked

As to topic two, pic one is about how i look in your average snapshot. I'm over 15 years younger in that pic and even looking at my youthful form i can't say that pic is all that flattering. But i have since learned how to pose, where to place the camera, a couple of makeup tricks and now i can come across as less disheveled and goofy, at least!

To illustrate, Pic 3 is me in the same jacket in a 'going out' outfit. Pic 4 is without the jacket. I'm older but i have learned to take better pictures. Folks who know me say that generally i don't look as ridiculous in real life as i can come across in snapshots. I think my blog photos look a little *better* than i do in real life, or maybe me on a good day.

What can i say, i come from a long line of very vain women! Anyways, i know some of you think you are also not very photogenic and i wanted to let you know that you can learn how to take pictures of yourself that you feel better about. I understand not wanting to go hog-wild with 'improving' every little thing. At the same time, you don't want to be so bothered by how you look that you avoid the camera and it's benefits.

Hope this give a little encouragement for some of you- or at least a chuckle! steph

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