One of my goals this month was to try copying some of my pinned outfits. Here's what I learned: it's harder than it looks.

First off, what's up with those poses? I showed a friend and she said, "It looks like they're checking to see if they got gum on their shoe." I tried to duplicate, but ended up falling over and looking ridiculous.

Second, I chose poorly. I picked two outfits with fully-tucked button-down shirts, because they were things I could replicate that were a little outside my comfort zone. Turns out, they were outside my comfort zone for a reason. Fully-tucked shirts, especially these thick ones, make me look like I'm about give birth to an alien baby... and not in a cool, post-apocalyptic way, either.

So now, I present to you: my hastily-altered, untucked versions of two Pinterest outfits. If nothing else, it was a learning experience.

ETA: Added a third outfit. Also untucked!

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