• "Nature can never have a mis-coordinated colour scheme." (Neel)

This series of outfits worn during the previous week and half had happened spontaneously after taking a photo of the sight I spotted and then took it as the inspiration to dress one day. It was fun and it was interesting, so things went on in the same manner for several days. After all, I recognised that familiar excitement of coming up with something I'd never think of without the outside source of inspiration, which I know all too well from the Picture Perfect Challenges, so why stop?

Colours are very important to me and my wardrobe choices in general, but I wasn't sure how this experiment would go. I am perfectly happy to describe myself as Winter in terms of colour analysis, e.g. I love wearing both black and white and I prefer clear and deep, jewel tone colours. I love high contrasts. So creating outfits around the moods and colours of muted, soft atmosphere of Autumn made me look at things in a new way. Which is always good.

Looking back, I was surprised to see I had plenty of options to create what I interpreted from the photos used in this series. I certainly felt the most like myself when wearing those colours or combinations which would be my more common choices, but as any challenge - this one brought its share of surprise findings, colour combinations and styling tricks I plan to use in the future.

As an added bonus, I started looking at the nature around me with even bigger admiration - Autumn is the time of fast and very noticeable changes, and you have to really pay attention otherwise you can miss one tree going from luscious green to bare and leafless in a matter of days. It does offer its share of drama for sure, maybe not so dramatic in terms of colour contrasts, but it certainly is in terms of the power and intensity of those changes.

I've truly enjoyed putting these outfits together. Thanks again to everyone who was with me throughout this experiment and all your wonderful comments.

  • "Who needs a fashion magazine when you have a tree?" (Beth Ann)

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